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Listen to an audio file of John Campbell talking to David Cranwell in 2000 on National Radio. This fascinating story of how one New Zealander’s plight to save the Himalayan Oak forests began.

David Cranwell receives Special Service Award from The International Oak Society for his contribution to advancing the Society’s goals.

As a Trust, we are very proud and indeed blessed to have David’s vision and dedication in helping us make a difference.

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David Cranwell Ranchuri Eastwood Trust

The dream is to restore the balance between trees and people, with youth replanting oaks, chestnuts, rhododendrons, cedars, so that we will once again see the steep slopes cloaked in lush forests.

This is an inspiring tale of one man’s determination to save one of the most important and endangered trees in the Himalayas. Over the past 20 years, it has blossomed into an international conservation project.

Change is possible

Money generated from the sale of Himalayan Oak seedlings in New Zealand, goes towards funding conservation projects in India. We hope you will join us and help make a difference.

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June 2020 Update - HIMCON Initiatives

The Trust has donated 50% of required funds to Himalaya Consortium for Himalayan Conservation (HIMCON) for the following environmental initiatives to be implemented:

  • 6 x rainwater ferro cement tanks
  • 6 x Chaal / percolation ponds
  • 6 x Pokara / small perc ponds
  • Slow sand filter for 20 – 30 families

Spring shed development / rejuvenation work in three hectares of land

  • Plantation of 2000 broadleaf plants, pits and aftercare.

We are not asking you to save the world – just to make a stand

The Oaks grow large! Since you may not have room for a tree in your garden, we offer an option to adopt a tree. Adopting a tree can be a special way to mark important occasions such as a marriage, birth of a baby or the passing of a family member or friend.