Propagation & Training

Propagation & Training


NZ acorns collected late June/July are either sown immediately or held in a plastic container in a fridge for up to 3 weeks (stratification). The acorns are then sown either into small pots or root trainers and potted into Pb3 or Pb5 bags. David grows the oaks supplying potting mix, planter bags, irrigation and nursery management at no cost to the Trust.

It’s important the plants only remain in bags for 1 season otherwise they can become root bound. Should this happen, the roots should be pruned on planting.

Direct sowing of acorns has been done successfully in India. Success depends on weed and predator control for the first 2yrs.

Tree training

Training the oak treesThe oak can sprout multiple branches at the apex. These should either have the competing buds pinched out, or pruned back to the main dominant leader to avoid bush-like characteristics.

Close planted trees (3m x 3m spacings) with minimal pruning, will force the trees upwards, weakening the side branches.

At times trees can develop double vertical leaders. If left, the weaker one will later smash out creating damage to the remaining leader. During the early stages of the trees life, any such competing branches should be removed.

All the trees planted in our Forest of Memories at Lake Tutira will be maintained to keep them healthy and looking good. If you choose to adopt a tree, we will maintain it for you.

The Himalayan Oak has been planted in various locations throughout New Zealand.

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