Patrons & Supporters

Our Partners

HIMCON – Himalaya Consortium for Himalaya Conservation

The trust prefers to support groups who work with the people of the region. To date our financial support has gone to HIMCON. The HIMCON people advise the Trust on areas they see need our help.

HIMCON are made up of a small group of passionate people. They have few financial resources but through hard work are committed to improving the lives of the villagers by protecting the environment they live in.

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Our Patrons

Himalayan Oak Patron Sir Edmund Hillary

Sir Edmund Hillary

In 1996 David wrote to Sir Edmund Hillary describing the goal of the Trust and asking  him if he thought the idea was a good one and would consider becoming a patron. He responded:

“I think its a wonderful concept and I’ll do anything I can to help”

He also asked to be a director on the board as he felt only being a patron was a bit boring.

Our work was a microcosm of what Sir Edmund Hillary had already accomplised in India so we were immensely proud to have him onboard.


Our Supporters

We have been very fortunate to have had a number of people and businesses support us over the years whom we are deeply grateful to.

There are so many people who have bought trees some on an annual basis, donated time and sent messages of support. Without these generous individuals the trust would have never got off the ground.

We would like to give special thanks to the following people for their contribution during the early years:

Sir Edmund and Lady Hillary
The New Zealand High Commission Delhi
Yvonne Chunn
John and Vicki Bostock
John Cambell
Dr Nagin Lallu
Ian Stockwell
Dr Kaul
Eastwoodhill Arboretum
Mr. Apple Ltd
Joe Pope
Sue Wood and Associates
Sudha Palit
The Karl Family
Anabel Porter
Garth Eyles
Dr. V H Sah
Kip and Dale Coop
Andy Coltart
Dr Dewan
Norbert Gasser
Robert Flanders
Langley Twigg Lawyers
Tumu ITM
Craggy Range Winery
The Green Door Nursery
Hawkes Bay Regional Council
Energie  Fruit Charitable Trust
Himalayan Consortium for Himalayan Conservation
Yates New Zealand
Richard Brimmer
Karen Morrish
Farmlands Co-operative
Rachael Waddington

To date nearly $100,000 has been raised from the sale of Himalayan oaks in New Zealand.

The money has funded several projects in the Tehri Garwhal of North West India.