The Communities

The Communities

We are advised by the Himalaya Consortium For Himalaya Conservation where financial support is needed.

The villagers we work with in the Tehri Garhwal of Uttarakhand, have the enthusiasm and work ethic to implement the change required and are committed to the restoration of their environment. However by only being able to tackle small areas, they do not have the resources required to improve the situation.

Ranichauri School

Children & Young People

The idea behind future proofing conservation is to educate the next generations. The villagers believe if young people are taught about the importance of water conservation and the preservation of Himalayan Oaks, it will become embedded in their culture ensuring permanent change. Your support will help expand the resources needed to continue this program.

Woman managing the stock feed

Women & Girls

Generations of  Women have managed the care and feeding of the cattle and goats. Traditionally the Oaks have been used for fodder to feed the stock. To help with regeneration of the forests, previous waste land has been turned into grassed areas which is also managed by the women meaning they will no longer need to rely on the Oaks for feed.

Education is another key focus of the Trust. Education is highly valued among the villagers with children walking several kilometers to the nearest school. Ensuring they understand the importance of preserving the forests during those school years is essential.

The Trust is delighted to be able to provide financial support to HIMCON and their school.

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Water tap funded by the Ranuichaur Eastwood Trust

Schools & Institutions

More financial support is required around sanitation and benefits of purification and access to clean water. Rain water purification tanks are being constructed to provide clean water for washing and drinking.

We are not asking you to save the world – just to make a stand

The Oaks grow large! Since you may not have room for a tree in your garden, we offer an option to adopt a tree in our Forest of Memories. You get the GPS location of your tree so you can visit to see its progress! Adopting a tree can be a special way to mark important occasions such as a marriage, birth of a baby or the passing of a family member or friend.